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Designing a New Service Idea from hectic lifestyle of Millennial to Refresh, Rejuvenate and Relax

We are trying to propagate the importance of proper Sleep and intermediate Power Naps through enhancing all five senses to relax, rejuvenate and refresh. Our services are well designed to stimulate  yours senses towards energizing you for long in your daily life routine.

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A Product for instructing Prescribed Doses 

It is a small manual operated punch machine for compounder in healthcare services. It helps compounder on instructing prescribed doses for medicines as embossing on side edges of respective medicines by punching.

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Young Design Award' 2021

Top 15 under Product Design Category

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Celebrating the richness of Glass City of India | Firozabad

Aim to develop an  identity mark to authenticate the diversity of cluster through reaching out with an vision of making  "The Glass City of India" a global brand in coming future.

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Design Research


>> How belief systems/     
     misinformation are effecting     
     the healthcare services

Apr- May' 2021

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been recognized as one of the fast spreading infectious outbreaks of the recent times. In such situations, assessing the knowledge concerning the myths of the disease is crucial. Hence, this study employs a rapid online survey and Interviews guided storytelling methodology to check the prevalence of myths concerning COVID-19 among a convenient sample of Indian population, where age groups like 18-30 majorly focused.


>> Challenges and design
     opportunities of rural healthcare
     under Prabuddha Gram
     Initiative, GOI

Apr- Jun' 2021

Bhiura is one of the 5 selected villages where the scheme would be initially implemented and tested, which also served as a field of research for this report. Bhiura is a peri-urban village, located on the Gorakhpur link expressway (under construction) - starting from Purvanchal expressway near Azamgarh and ending at the city bypass of Gorakhpur, with a population of over 900 people and a literacy rate of 59 %.
This project and research findings centrally focus on Healthcare since It is the central pillar of the rural society and economy hence it is needed to be understood at the behavioral level to get deep insights that help to establish a robust and empathetic healthcare system.


>> Ladakh Craft Sector, to build an 
     inclusive, equitable and
     resilient local economy through

Oct- Dec' 2021

Economy through handmade, Our approach was divided into stages , developing understanding to capture key challenges of ladakh craft sector through the lenses of climate, agriculture, industries and tourism, digital divide, transportation and technologies, education and skill development, business and commerce with sustainability. 



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