Hello, I am Amit.


Pursuing master's in Strategic Design Management

from National Institute of Design (Batch of 2020)

Amalgamation of commerce and design backgrounds helped me in focusing on fostering creativity, innovation and foresight that empowered me as leaders and decision-makers to take meaningful decisions to address business, organizations and global challenges.

Various experience of past academic and professional projects with government and organizations uplifted my approach of management processes, strategies and leadership paradigms through strategic design interventions. Previously, I have earned my bachelor’s degree in business and Commerce from University of Delhi in 2014. This school is renowned in the field of business and economics skills, and I learned about business design, management, branding, macro and micro ideas value proposition in the market, and various other subjects related to this field such as economics, leadership management, etc.

+ 91 79 05 28 6464

Raja Rahul City, Neelmatha,
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh- 226002