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Which is Glass City of India?


Did you know?
Glass city of India? and, Can you name some Handicraft products?



Firozabad, a small town located 250 kms from Delhi, is known for its glass industry, particularly its famed glass bangles, chandeliers and glass bottles. The city has been producing glass products for more than 200 years now and is the biggest manufacturer of glass bangles in the world with about 200 small and medium factories.


Glass City of India

Celebrating the richness of glass

Design Audit & Branding Strategy 

A project with the Government of Uttar Pradesh under

One District One Product (ODOP)


Celebrating the richness of glass via branding out 200 year old craft cluster, which is the largest cluster of glassware manufacturing in India. Popularly known as "The Glass City of India". The project aimed at understanding the market of glass city called firozabad handicraft sector.

We have conducted numbers of research to find out the edge of the glass industry in firozabad by its variety of products, trends 

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