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Here moves create stories

// To know me, let's Hover on each chessman!


90's songs lover!

Bollywood, especially Kishore Kumar, Kumar Sanu and Udit Narayanan


U can say, it's my hobby to document things! 


Be a film-maker;

My visual reference and

I love dramaaa///

Theater lover, like to 
explore and adapt art as 
design and business


I've mixed commerce 
with design! can't this enough :)

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I'm amit kumar

A 28 yrs. old designer born in Kolkata, West Bengal. Currently, pursuing my masters from the National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar. I completed my bachelor's degree in Bachelor of Commerce ( from SBSC, University of Delhi. I believe in aligning user-needs and business goals by creating strategic design thinking offerings and delivering experiences that enrich relationships and drive change.


Designer | Researcher | Strategist

My aesthetic

I love creating works of art in my photography. I love to express myself with my camera. I create photographs based on what my mind sees. I am a designer and photographer in my own unique ways. Its important for me to continue to learn and grown and keeping a journal is an amazing way to do that. 

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