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UX Strategy

Know better.

Book better.

Go better.

How deviant social behaviors are exhibited on virtual platforms (here, MakeMyTrip)
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1. To understand the phenomenon of how deviant social behaviors are exhibited on virtual platforms, the drivers, theories and conformities behind it.

2. To address and alter the identified/captured deviant social behavior on the platform through various UX Strategies.

3. To design a cross bridge MakeMyTrip UI.



The secondary.

1. To identify various practices & prevalent & guidelines.

2. Feedback of users engaging  with the platform.

3. Trends in the tourism industry in India and globally.

UX Strategies.

Deriving the leadership model for platform.

The research was conducted in 4 phases using the lens of leadership, social behavioural theories & UI/UX principals
The primary.

1. Instagram polls.

2. Ethnography.

3. Auto-Ethnography with platform users.

4. Auto-Netnography.

Analysis and insights.

1. Identify drivers behind the behaviors.

2. Behavior amplification on the online platform.

3. Insights.

Execution and proto.

The solution phase is to reimagine the new UI/UX of MakeMyTrip and restore the leadership of the platform.

Approach and methods.

To find as many virtual social behaviors in and around the platform, the methods were used sequentially with the respective lenses to understand them from. Every method took us deeper into the platform and research-wise.


Instagram poll.

Secondary research.




Understanding the platform.


Nurtured from the seed of a single great idea - to empower the traveler - MakeMyTrip is a pioneer in India’s online travel industry. Founded in the year 2000 by Deep Kalra, MakeMyTrip came to life to empower the Indian traveler with instant bookings and comprehensive choices. The company initiated its journey serving the US-India travel market offering a range of best-value products and services powered by technology and round-the-clock customer support.

The main competitors of makemytrip are yatra,, expedia, easemytrip, cleartrip, travelguru, and OYO.

To provide customers 
a one-stop shop for all 
their travel needs.


Market share
in India

core vsb_4x.png
Core intent of the platform

Analysis and insights.

Behavior amplification or suppression.

Online platforms lead to amplification or suppression of behaviors with respect to offline space. Ideally a business should ensure that the positive behavior get amplified while negative ones are suppressed. The representation shows where do the behaviors lie in the context of MakeMyTrip based on our research.
info 2.png
info 2 copy.png

Fig: Representation of the drivers currently observed.

Based on the data collected, we realised that a few drivers are being overplayed on the platform currently, leading to an imbalance.

ALBDF: Driver theory based observation.

Lawrence and Nohria's four drive theory helps to explain what human want, as well as why they want those things. On the whole, human loves to:

-Acquire: both material goods, as well as immaterial things like status, power, and influence.
-Bond: form relationships and interact with other people.
-Learn: explore new areas of life, practice new skills, and satisfy curiosity. 
-Defend: protect what is "ours," and drive away threats to our safety and security.
-Feel: Human beings have the need to be emotionally engaged on a daily basis.


The platform gives an upperhand to quantity as compared to the quality of content.

Anonymity coupled with open platform format makes it difficult to maintain authenticity of data and the type of reviewers/ experts.

Suppression of hotel owner's status & authority (especially the smaller hotels) leads them towards deviant practices to defend their reputation on the platform.

Ineffective communication and response channels across MakeMyTrip lacks of transparency, creates confusion and thereby cautions members towards further engagements.

Amplification of undesired social behaviors subdues individual identity (of place, people, thoughts and opinions) affecting authenticity of content and disempowering individuals.

It got too soon and in the process the intent of the platform got diluted.

The platform is driven by guidelines than by values.

The platform attempts to cater to every need yet stands for nothing which disconnects users with the platform. This coupled with a poor UI/UX makes it unsuitable for risking it with transactions.

Misalignment between the understanding of how "users plan" vs. how MakeMyTrip has been designed for "planning trips" does not engage users for a longer duration and they use it to search / book only a few elements.

Information overloaded and violation of various heuristic principles, leads to frustration, confusion and irritation leading users into a hotter state of mind which can increase chances of deviant behaviors.

Strategy for UX.

info 2 copy 2.png
Attributes associated with every parameter towards building a global community.
info 2 copy 3.png
How might we statements...

1. How might we reduce exploitation and bullying of service providers to build a global community where all are treated fairly?

2. How might we build a platform where everyone can share their thoughts and opinions openly without conforming to other's?

3. How might we reduce travelers uncertainty by not paralyzing them with choices and helping them with relevant content to aid decision making?

4. How might we ensure that there is focus on quality of content and not just quantity to reduce fraudulent malpractices that build aggression and confusion, making the platform lose its meaning?

5. How might we increase trust on the site to enable people to plan, manage and book trips and deliver on the promise given to travelers

Suggestive UI Design.

Homepage (2).png


Maintaining Hierarchy, layout, structure & navigation customized for what they need.

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