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Understanding the Platform through Users perception and trend to explore new opportunities

Design Research | User Experience Research | Behaviour | Perception | Trend





The research was priorly taken upon grounded theory methodology, wherein data systematically collected and analyzed simultaneously in groups. Investigating approach through different tools (given below) were constant to and fro between findings and validation. The translation of need into service concept was further validated through simulations and multi-stage prototyping. Service blueprint was an essential roadmap for prototype. 


.Day 1

- About

- Core of the platform

- Drivers of the platform

- Original intent of the platform

- Challenges

.Day 2


- Trend study among competitors 

- Social media eavesdrop (Netnography)

- Profile mirror-ing 

.Day 3


- Key identified gaps

- Design opportunities

- Strategic roadmap overview

- Target group, positioning and USP


- Trends in job seeking 

- Insta poll: General perception

- Phone a friend 

- User persona and archetype


Analyzing and synthesizing the research findings concluded in highlighting three major drivers of the users behavior towards job seeking, perception and social on the platform






Biases towards execution based jobs








Lack of trust and authenticity for sharing personal and professional information

3. being used as a Notice board for checking vacancies 

Vision to provide maximum opportunities to Indians with Indian qualification for their career growth



.Day 1

Naukri is an Indian job portal founded by Sanjeev Bhagnani in March 1997. It has a major database of resumes, jobs, and recruitment consultants. The portal provides a platform for job-seekers and hiring managers to meet. The mission of Naukri is to enhance, simplify and reduce the recruitment cycle by
providing end-to-end recruitment services for employers and job seekers to meet and exchange information to best opportunity by building a huge database of resumes and job openings.

Platform for connecting Job seekers and recruiters

Database of resumes, jobs and recruitment consultants

Core purpose of the platform

Ease of

recruitment process

Core drivers of the platform


Job recruiters help people to find jobs they need, third party agencies / mediators/ recruiters from the company. They go through huge set of database and select the right candidate for the available position.

Seekers look for the opportunities on the platform, update their profiles, upload resumes on the portal in search of an apt match for their skill.

Job seeker


image1 _4x.png
image (20).png





Business Model of


The Company offers various services job
seekers like
a. resume writing
b.profile enhancement
c. recruiter reach
d. some premium jobs to the job seekers.

Its main product is RESDEX which
provides end to end recruitment services
to various corporate companies starting
from small to big giants.
The services offered to the companies are
a. resume database excess
b.vacancy listing
c. email marketing
d. SMS marketing, etc.

Original Intent of the Platform

Job portal specifically for Indians

A platform for job-seekers and hiring managers to meet

Database of the resume, job postings, branding solutions, e-apps, career site manager, cloud products

How users perceive Naukri?

Mediator of talent acquisition

Data infringement

Portal only for execution based jobs

One way platform, No transparency from recruiters

Only local companies are there on the portal, no authenticity

Challenges faced by

On the technology front, the
company has capitalized on
the search engine wave, but
missed the social networking

The societal curve has moved beyond the traditional way of looking at jobs.

With the shift in power, from
the hands of employers to the
employee, naukri still follows
a one way road to recruitment.

The nature of jobs has changed from being execution based to creativity based. The platform is designed in a way that it allows the process to be conducted for
operation based jobs only.

There is a need to constantly evolve to stay relevant in the market.

"People in India associate themselves with the name Naukri... the platform faced a steep fall after Linkedin came into the picture


Trend study among Competitors


To understand the trends and timeline across various job-seeking platforms in India.

Sleep Habits: Personas



Student of National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar

Goal: Maintain a consistent sleep schedule filed with high quality sleep.

Motivation: Sleeping consistently keeps her feeling healthy and energized enough to make the most of her day.

Conflict: College is full of tough decisions on what to prioritize: sleep, homework, exercise, time with significant other.

Attempts to solve: So far, maintaining a consistent routine has lead to consistent high quality sleep.

Settings/Environment: Hostel room, watch Netflix before sleep.



Student of National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar

Goal: He wants to be able to fall asleep quickly and sleep peacefully through the night. He wants this rest to transition into an energized morning. 

Motivation: Getting 8 hours of sleep has always been important to him, and he knows the importance of sleep well is key to being productive during the day.

Conflict: He often finds himself being anxious and thinking about what he has to do the next day, when he is trying to feel asleep.

Attempts to solve: Adopted a breathing exercise routine before to fall asleep. 

Settings/Environment: Hostel room, Tech savvy smartphone user.



Student of National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar

Goal: Get a healthier sleep lifestyle and be able to stay asleep.

Motivation: Good amount of sleep which can make her day asleep for chasing more readings and research.

Conflict: She is unsure of why it's difficult to stay asleep at night, and coffee in the morning often makes her  unable to fall asleep at all.

Attempts to solve: "Not really" but she has downloaded a sleep tracking app.

Settings/Environment: Phone for social, reedings as break.

In such scenarios where work is the main priority of a person, there is no time given to mind relaxation

There is hardly any enjoyment left in our world that can heal our soul and mind as everyone is too busy chasing dreams. But if such conditions keep on prevailing, body and mind will never be relaxing. In order to give better work, one must give rest to the body and mind and repair the system of mental worries.






Service Core

Service Form | Persona | Branding | Service Idea | Service Blueprint

Due to the advanced development in education, health, technological, communication sector shows a great impact on society and culture . A diverse changes has been seen in the society in terms of lifestyle. Now people spend on more time on work than on themselves. As this has been well established by World Health organization that millennial of India are spending far more time on work then any other country . This leading to many health issues like mental health is a major concerns nowadays, people are having elevated stress level due to which they are less productive, attentive , efficient at work because they are continuously working for long hour and have no time to rest. . Our space where you can relax and rest for 30 minutes , without disturbing your working schedule. As this session as small as your lunch break ,easy to accommodate within your hectic schedule but has great impact on the mind & body. We are trying to propagate the importance of proper sleep and intermediate Power naps through enhancing all five senses to relax, rejuvenate and refresh. Our service are well designed to stimulate yours senses towards energizing you for long in your daily life routine .

Our service is well designed to stimulate your senses towards energizing you for long in your daily life routine



Service Form



Service Persona

Reader/ Bookworm 

"Who loves to read and thinking positive investment of good sleep"



"Having importance of work-life balance and practice meditation"



"Keeps trend in pocket and conscious upon sleep tracking behavior"

It's time to 

The primary user group identified were the students, stressed and burdened with the ongoing campus activities. Followed by teaching and administrative staff and lastly the housekeeping staff. The interactions points were strategically placed and blended with the promotions. These were positioned in spaces where users were mostly alone with their thoughts.


Service Branding

service logo tagline_4x.png

Logomark and Tagline

Image by Girl with red hat
service logo tagline_4x.png

If you feel like this...

It's time to


Social Media (1).jpg
service logo tagline_4x.png

If you feel like this...

It's time to




Outdoor Advertising


Table Standee

branding 1_edited.png


service logo tagline_4x.png




Montserrat Medium

Chennai Regular

Logo Components


Nap time, Refresh


Human, People, Focus,

Idea is to create a space where one can relax, refresh and rest 


Service Idea

Our space where you can relax and rest for 30 minutes , without disturbing your working schedule. As this session as small as your lunch break ,easy to accommodate within your hectic schedule but has great
impact on the mind & body. We are trying to propagate the importance of proper sleep and intermediate Power naps through enhancing all five senses to relax, rejuvenate and refresh. Our service are well
designed to stimulate yours senses towards energizing you for long in your daily life routine.

Key Features:


Sense of seeing

Lighting system for calming the mood​​

Sense of touching

Two fidget are Bubble
wrap and marble foot massager to reduce stress and not occupied 


Sense of smelling

Diffuser, infused with natural soothing essential oils to relaxation


Sense of listening

A well equipped sound system with white noise for reducing stress


Sense of tasting

Chocolate after the session to boost the energy , since during the session our body temperature and adenosine drops leads to
sleep inertia

Key Advantages:

key features_4x.png

* Hover to icons for more information.

Innovative Design offering convenience, comfort, privacy, relax and mindfulness

External noise reduction, with soothing and relaxing lighting and sound respectively

Space efficiency - relatively small space for effective snoozing

Comprehensive integrated features enhancements focused on the Hectic lifestyle of Millennial

Affordable and value added service for Educational Institutions

Service Blueprint

sevice blue print_4x.png

Prototype Sequence | Materials | Sessions | Feedbacks


To prototype the synchronous segment of our service which requires human back end and front end support


In order to understand the application of our service concept we decided to prototype the synchronous segment of our service which requires human back end and front end support. Once the service blueprint was in place we put forward the hypotheses that we would like to validate by running prototype with the audience we were designing the service for. 

To Validate...

Since the actual service is in the form of tangible and physical platform, where we decided to prototype a few assumptions during prototyping the service for our primary facts: 

Would users find the value in taking our service?

Does the service meet their expectations?

Does the service create the research value? 

How much users close to our service core?

Did the participants feel they were able to refresh, rejuvenate and relaxed with five senses?

Were we able to create "WOW" moments for the service users?

Will service value resonate with users through the prototype?

Did the prototype support the feedback process seamlessly?

Would users pay for this service?

Prototyping Sequence

The next stage was to align our planned sequence against the journey we expect the user to take. For this we added our prototypes anticipated journey on a blueprint to layout all the activities and materials that need to be planned for.

Copy of Snap & Snooze - Frame 18.jpg

Prototyping Materials

For every phase of the prototype we crafted the materials based on the brand identity that was built. The aim was to show and enthusiastic, curious, supportive and professional service.

Service Experience Center Staging 

1. Reclined chairs with ottoman

2. Sleeping pods

3. Lamps (sense of Sight)

4. Diffuser for aroma (sense of Smell)

5. Surround speakers (sense of Sound)

6. Bubble wrap (sense of Touch)

7. Chocolate (sense of Taste)

8. Marbles (sense of Touch)

9. Sign boards such as snap and snooze board, other directional purposes 

10. Miscellaneous like pillows, cloths for curtains, wooden table standee, etc.

Experience Center Artifacts 

1. T-shirts for agents

2. Bookmark for users as their service pass/ticket

3. Posters for placing as service awareness

4. Eye mask, Water bottles as service touchpoints

5. Payment standee for users 

6. Pamphlet for service descriptions, service offerings and packages to users

Other Intangibles

1. Welcoming and greetings by notifying users with their registration confirmation on mobile messages to guiding at every stage of help

2. Trust and value by keeping their valuable things safely and fulfilling our promises

3. Comfort and satisfaction through users valuable feedbacks

Prototype Sessions


People were experienced our service in a week long prototyping

Snap & snooze received an overwhelming response from the National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar community (Faculties, Students and other staff) over a week long service run!


Thank you for this experience. Needed this after a long day

Feel absolutely refreshed after the session. The ambient temperature and fragrance was lovely.

The marbles helped wake me up

It was good, sweet, just like good old memories I liked it

Really liked all the bubble wrap.

Best wakeup ever!

Transition was slow, it's surreal. Keep it for the rest of the Semester


Loved the aroma & eye mask.  Great Ambience created inside


"Touched my soul to my loved ones. I feel refreshed and energized"

User 1

nsd logo.png

The Snap & snooze team Thank You!

Amit Kumar | Miti Makwana | Shubham Das | Swati Bouddh

Project Timeline: 
Sep- Oct, 2021 | 6 weeks

Project Mentor: 
S. Guruprasad | SDM, Discipline Head 

Project Type: 

Snap & snooze Whitepaper

Snap & snooze Service Infographics

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