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Celebrating the richness of
glass city of India, Firozabad

Celebrating the richness of glass via branding out 200 year old craft cluster, which is the largest cluster of glassware manufacturing in India. Popularly known as "The Glass City of India". Aim to develop an identity mark to authenticate the diversity of cluster through reaching out with an vision of making "The Glass City of India" a global brand in coming future. Also, taking love forward of 200 year old craft by saying 'We are in the every house of India' from Bangles to Chandeliers.

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Firozabad: Glass City of India

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A project with the

Government of Uttar Pradesh under

One District One Product (ODOP)


Known as the glass city of India, the trajectory of this glass city can be traced from the ancient period of India. When invaders brought glass articles to India and when these rejected glass articles were collected and melted in a locally made furnace called as “Bhanisa Bhatti” it was the start of the glass industryin Firozabad. Wood was the main fuel of the bhatti and these ancient historic furnaces are still used by people in Sasani near Aligarh and at Purdal Nagar. Bangles and small bottles were made at that time. Asingleban-gle can be made at a time and without joints. These bangleswere called “Kadechhal Ki Chudi”. Since then Firozabad is famous for the glass industry. Colored glass pieces were used for making jhad, fanus (Chandelier) for the royal courts and nobles to decorate their Haveli (Mansion). Gradually, kadas, kangan and bangles became popular among the ladies and young girls. Soon there grew a high demand for the bangles on festive seasons. The popularity and demand became one of the major reasons for the survival of the existing glass bangle industry in Firozabad. Today, Suhag Nagar, an area famous for bridal bangle wear is fulfilling the demand of beautiful colored glass bangles for Suhagin (Married women).Bangle-making is a household business with the traditional technique being passed on through generations (Hornell,1915). More than half of the workforce in the town of Firozabad and nearby rural areas are engaged in the glass and bangle industry. Firozabad has been producing glass bangles for more than 200 years now and is the biggest manufacturer of glass bangles in the world.

200 yrs.

Old bangle industry in world


Total glass production in

small sector in India


Total produce exported to

different countries

USD 279 Mn

Generating an annual business

5 - 6 Lakh

people employed directly and plenty

more employed indirectly in the

Products of Firozabad Glass Market

Household utensils

like containers, glass caps, glassware, cutlery

Glass fills

like candle stands,

flower vase, God and Goddesses, bangles

Electric wares

such as decorative lights,

bulbs etc.


for lighting like

electric lamp shades, automatic headlight cover

Laboratories apparatus

like beaker, test tubes etc.

Consumers of Firozabad Glass Market


FMCG Industries


Restaurants & hotels




Home Décor


Female Jewelry

Brand Objective

Building Generation Alpha as Brand Lover


  • Introducing craft cluster at primary and secondary educational institution through artisan interaction.

  • Summer workshops and craft visits

  • Glass story publications in text books

Becoming mainstream sustainable material


  • Drive penetration using advertising

  • Documentaries on Firozabad glass making and glass craft

  • Attractive Packaging of glass Bangles

  • Continue to attract new users to Glass city by appearing FM radios and Spotify and other music apps

  • Craft cluster conversations on ‘Mann ki baat’

Making Glass as market leader in household segment


  • Dominate every self

  • Collaboration with Interior designers and architects.

  • In store promotion

  • Sharing home story of people who are using glass product

  • Gift Boxes on Festivals of Glass Craft for home décor

National level awareness


  • Public spaces

  • Pop up stores at public spaces, residential society and IT Parks.

  • Virtual/ Interaction screens at airport, stations

  • Experience center at craft mela

  • Advertisement Firozabad glass on travel tickets & tourists tickets

  • Promotional - Tourism package inclusive of Firozabad as travel destination along with Taj

  • UP govt. Promotional campaign on buses and trains

Keeping Glass product updated with recent trends


  • Created glass craft at as per ongoing trends

  • Promoting new arts on social media channel


Glass Preparation


Making of Sharp Glass Items


Glass Items of Firozabad

Establishing an Identity Mark


  • To make an identity mark to authenticate the belongingness and originality of Firozabad glass

Why to brand

200 Years old glass industry caters the 70% of the total glass production in India. 50% of produce exported  to others. It employees 5- 6 lakhs people, which accounts $279 million annual business. Our designed,  Identity mark will help in establishing an awareness nationally and internationally, which open ups new  avenues of market for laborer's and business owners as sense of pride in the society by eliminating, lack  of awareness, authenticity issues, unethical business practices etc.


-Lack of awareness

-Authenticity issues

-Quality issue of glass

-Unethical business


-Emerging packaging market





-Stone & clay


-Other Hard materials


-Glass containers are finding

 their place in kitchen wares

 and for indoor plants

-Using glass products as a

 substitute for plastic

-Glass bangles are loosing 

 their way out from urban

-Increased consumption of

 alcohol raised the growth of

 glass user

-Generation Alpha is yet to be

 introduced to glass bangles

 as jewelry

-Glass lunch boxes and

 cutleries being used for

 storing and heating  food

Brand Perspective

Mission & vision


Taking love forward for the 200 yrs. old craft


making "Glass City of India" a global brand by 2030

Brand Archetype

Girl/guy next doors:

Bringing people together, promoting down- home values, making people feel like they belong. Establishing it in a way that this brand is made for everyday


Brand Metaphor

University in Diversity:

Providing harmony to Firozabad as a group by accepting the values and contribution individuals for celebrating the richness of glass of 200 yrs. old craft.

Brand Positioning

Need to shift the perveived value of oldest craft as low recognized to high quality and high recognition by building up core communication stratergies

Screenshot 2022-07-15 182700.png

Communication Strategy

Developing an identity mark to authenticate the Firozabad glass

Build brand awareness via using identity mark on different applications to get the recognition and capturing the Alpha attraction towards brand

Extension of the adopted identity for a new format with a different scope like building cluster visit with the other tourism packages, glass experience centers across the city, craft cluster fair etc.

Phase 3

Public spaces &


Phase 2

Mass awareness &


Phase 1

Authentication of


- Publications

- e- Commerce 

- Packaging

- Social media

- Mass media

- Experience center

- Tourism packages

- Official summits

- Trade shows

Identity & applications

firozabad logo_4x.png

Logo inspiration

Our logo has reflection of geometric pattern of Mughal architecture with having an initial of "Firozabad" as "F" in mirror to each other, which is making an arch. The arch shape has sharp edges for matching the property of glass. The whole logo has in-depth essence of the craft cluster richness of glass with their city belongingness. The logo has been designed in a way so that it can be embossed on every manufactured piece of glass articles. Aim to develop an identity mark to authenticate the diversity of cluster through reaching out with a vision of making "The Glass City of India" a global brand in coming future.

Screenshot 2022-07-15 205733.png

The Signature

Screenshot 2022-07-15 205804.png
Screenshot 2022-07-15 205838.png


Rozha One Regular font been used for "Firozabad", Montserrat used for "Glass City of India" and Mukta used as writing in Hindi for "Glass City of India". 

Screenshot 2022-07-15 213205.png


Screenshot 2022-07-15 213022.png

Rozha One

Screenshot 2022-07-15 213120.png


firozabad 1_4x.png

Promotional Luxury Stores

Placement of Firozabad Glass City as luxury avenues for people who visits malls, other experiential places where they can see 200 year old craft alive. 
It will increase self- esteem or sense of belonging. 

firozabad 2_4x.png

Radio show Mann-ki-baat

“Mann ki baat” an event which promotes the essence of states or cities strengths with their craft, people, institutions etc. This platform has been chosen for making loud Firozabad Glass City by saying 200 years old craft culture for people of the people of India by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

firozabad 3_4x.png

Coin by GOI.

Placement of logomark on back side of a coin to promote on large scale for a mass awareness for positioning the identity of Firozabad Glass.

firozabad profile_4x.png

Article marking

Identity mark on Glass bottle for making the every manufactured glass articles authenticated as Firozabad Glass City of  India.



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